Misty’s award-winning short fiction has appeared in international and national journals both in print and online, and in several anthologies. Her debut collection A LESSON IN MANNERS won the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award and was published by Snake Nation Press.


Misty holds a Ph.D. in Old and Middle English Literature from Cornell University and has published articles on medieval romance, medieval women, world literature, and European history. Her scholarly books focus on monstrous women like the legendary half-fairy, half-snake Melusine.


Misty Urban wrote her first story at age 5 for the benefit of her younger sister. It was, sources say, a rather conventional piece involving cats, mats, and possibly bats (the work is no longer extant). Her next venture, a journalism/reportage

"A Lesson in Manners is the work of a sure-handed storyteller with insight into the heart and its deepest desires."

Rob Cline, Cedar Rapids Gazette

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Other Publications

Other Publications

Forthcoming: “C Section Blues, or, the Biopsychosocial Model for Perinatal Mood Disorder.” In My Caesarean: Twenty Mothers on the C-Section Experience and After, edited by Amanda Fields, Kathleen Glasgow, and Rachel Moritz, afterword by Maggie Smith (The Experiment, 2019). Essays

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“Great” storytellers are as striking as they are rare, and what usually sets one apart is a voice that announces the author as an important, distinctive presence on the literary scene. Only a few pages into A Lesson in Manners, I realized Misty Urban had such a voice.

Jacob M. Appel author of Scouting for the Reaper and The Biology of Luck

"Story after story is told in a new, distinctive and authentic voice, complete with its own rhythms and fully formed fears and desires . . . These stories are beautifully written."

Mary Howard author of The Girl with Wings and Discovering the Body

Beautifully written, entertaining, and insightful stories.

Jodie Toohey author of Taming the Twisted and Reconstructing Rain